Salman Muqtadir has awarded by Youtube.

salmanSpecial Prize of the popular video website YouTube TV actor and model Salman Muqtadir. YouTube has filled the role in the drama, as well as Salman. There’s “The Brown Fish Salman, a YouTube channel. Recently it’s been a subscriber of one million.

YouTube award in recognition of Salman. This award is given to a particular category of YouTube users around the world. Its name ‘Silver Button Award. Salman Khan’s name is associated with the first Bangladeshi.

Sun Studio in Sydney Australia on Thursday to have his hands on youtube ayojiti awards were handed a conference. Reward Salman wrote on his Facebook page, `Alhamdulillah. Karalama dedicate this award to Bangladesh

Salman is currently in Australia. Return this week.

The talks come Salman alpadine some acting. Just play this role, however, not been limited to the young Turk. He is a familiar face on social media.