Mim in new film.

mimVidya Sinha Mim has signed a new film. With this film, he sweetheard second pair after teaming with Bappi. The name of the new film “ami tomer hote cai.”

Mim excited about the film. Said, “are going to take the National Film Award for the first time tomorrow. It’s good to see the new movie before it was signed. Bappi I hope to be a successful journey. “

Meanwhile However, the overall image will be in charge of building unique Mamun. India is currently Mamun manufacturers. His chief deputy Osman Miraj Wake News, said: “I want to be a ‘romantic film based on the story and the action to be built. Here, everything is commercial image. Mim-Bappi talk about the film with the final two. Mimera paper with a pen and signed two days ago. “

Miraj “The unique Mamun wants to give the film a big a surprise. He is involved with the film it. However, he did not join the director’s seat. Solemn start shooting before the premiere will be asked about the details. “

In fact, 008 of Humayun Ahmed screenplay and directed “My water ‘debut film with Vidya Sinha mimera picture. He has acted in several films and discussed successful business. Mim short career already has his own separate space on the market photo evidence.

But, more than gained, led by Khalid Mahmud Mithu ‘firefly light “films for the first time Mim won the National Film Award as best actress. Currently working Mim ‘spots’ in the film.