Way to keep nails strong

nail careRead neila palisa feel great big beautiful shape nails. But there are many problems in the body that can be a little bigger when it collapsed. The problem is the nature of those nail structure is somewhat soft. Let us assume that the way to strengthen nails:

1. To prevent broken nails stronger one teaspoon of olive oil mixed with a certain amount of lemon juice can fingernails. This mixture every night before going to bed will be used to strengthen your nails. As a result, it will be saved from going broke.

II. Sea salt helps to make nails stronger. You will notice your nails while the marine area is strong. This is because marine salt nakhake firm makes. The dutebila teaspoon sea salt with a small amount of lemon juice mixed with water and heated. Keep nails dipped in hot water and the light starved of salt. Thus, up to 15 minutes and remove. This method will be strong nails.

3. Different types of oil, such as seed oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, olive oil is quite useful for hand nail feet. Three times in this threesome of cotton soaked in oil can be harvested in the hands and feet fingernails.