Donate blood to stay healthy.

bloodDonation a great job. A celebration of life. Festival of Blood is often laying club. Not only that, a lot of this kind of social organization been working with. So, many people join. Emerged that people feel is happening, what is the evidence, people still do not judge plate varieties, all crossing geographical donation is part of the festival. You can give blood to people who need to know

Physically and mentally healthy person, the blood can cure. Blood donors must be aged between 18 and 60 years old. Body weight should be 45 kg or more. Anayayi height weight body mass index, which means that you have to see whether it would be okay. The amount of hemoglobin in the blood, pulse and body temperature will be normal. Respiratory diseases, asthma, asthma free from whom they will be able to donate blood.

Before donating blood, donors should have tests that are
Anemia or shortage of blood, jaundice, pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature, weight, hemoglobin test, measuring the level of blood sugar, ECG. Tests are very common. Therefore, blood donors should be kept before the test. So do not delay in time of trouble.

Special precautions to donate blood:
4 hours before donating blood to feed well. It is not right to donate blood on an empty stomach.
Aspirin and drugs in the blood can not be consumed. 48 hours ago drugs to stop blood donation habekonarupa energy drink can not take 4 hours ago. No tattoos or tattoos or body to be pierced ears and nose should be done two to four weeks after the blood.

The blood should not be given antibiotics to be taken:
Things jururi the donor who will abide with them. At the same time, the blood that is being used needle make sure it’s safe. You can take home a little asabadhanataya blood of any epidemic. Therefore, to donate blood should be extra alert.

Those who can not give blood:
Cancer patient, who suffers himephiliyate, who has taken drugs, pregnant women, there are additional breathing trouble, who are HIV-positive as well as AIDS, whose weight has been reduced in the last two months, four kg.

A grown man can give blood at least once in four months. Once the donor blood is just one part of his body and blood decreased 10 percent. But this is the same amount of blood in a short time. Five to six liters of blood in the body. 400-450 ml blood donor usually gives one phase. No impact on the amount of blood in the body do not induce. So there is no reason to fear unnecessary blood donor. However, certain precautions before and after blood donation keeping ten would be better to be your own good.