Say goodbye to headaches.

Say goodbye to headachesLess sleep, lack of nutrients in the body, usually due to excessive work pressure and tension headaches. A lot of annoying headache goes away. Many people can not get rid of it, wince, or pain reliever paracetamol took medicine without a doctor’s advice dropping. The temporary way is freed, but learned after some practice you can get a headache from the release.

    1. Go to bed the same time every day. Get enough sleep.
II. Light exercise. Exercise would be better blood circulation in the body, causing headaches will go away.
3. Worry-free stay.
4. Drink plenty of water.
5. You can drink coffee or tea. Tea and coffee caffeine headache antibiotic works as existing.
6. Take the smell of crushed cloves thin clean cloth. The headache can be reduced.
7. Keep hands and feet soaked in warm water. It would be better blood circulation in the body. As a result, a headache can be reduced.
8. Continuous computer or laptop will not work. Sometimes the eyes of the rest of the day.
9. Head, neck, forehead and massage well. Even headaches will go away.
10. Take out all the unwanted pleasure from the desired situation, Smile open heart. In addition to signs of fatigue because of a disease that-