Care of our teeth.

vani cuteVery important role to portray the beauty of dentists. Nowadays, many people are busy to take care of their teeth. Her smile looks so nice for you to take care of personal medical emergency. Nowadays, a lot of the water has been suffering from for many dentists. So take care of our teeth at home.

Although lemon or sour foods, but too many plays well to the teeth, it can cause damage to the teeth serious. Is very likely to be damaged tooth enamel. Talk of the amount of water exuded from the fruit and acid is the other. Dentists are the soft inner part of the tooth is very damaging. But if you love to eat sour foods you can eat it or after a meal, take a little bit cij. Dentists protects and reduces the value of cij acid.

Alamanda very solid meal or eat less. It is better for the body, but due to a very tough alamanda dentists veins crack or split and divided, very natural way damage the teeth.

Energy, or very sweet mixed drinks to elimination. The dentists are terrible loss. Follow these tips, and thus keep yourself beautiful.