Stay fit exercise in summer

tamThere is nothing summer. Generally the, they can make. However, exercise should not be hot at noon. Mogbazar the “Muscle and Fitness” gym manager said Mohammed sky, heat, heat stroke, dehydration occurs, etc., as a result of consultation with a specialist like exercise.
When you sweat during exercise is over, so the light can free hand. Several experts suggested that summer to stay fit:
At least 10 minutes a day can jump-rope Model: Irene * On the way back to the office or around the time a rickshaw to go anywhere at any time of the day did not walk or get a little unnecessary walking.
* If you do not wish to walking for exercise of any shopping center or mall to hang out. Some of the vessels will be bought back preferred or required will be your exercise.
* Yoga or meditation can make. Do not sweat it to keep the body healthy and will help a lot to keep you fit.
* At home or office or anywhere else on the elevator to go to refrain from using. Use the stairs. One of exercise throughout the day can be your stairs a few bob.
* At least 10 minutes a day at a certain time-jump rope. Increase during the day. It is less easy exercise.
* After eating at noon and at night on the roof or the empty space in front of the house or on the street in front of us a little walk. This little exercise will help you to digest food and keep the body fit.
* is one of the best summer swim. The hot nothing to fear. However, the need to drink more water during the swim.
* Give your body time to adapt to the hot weather. A little less during the first few days, something similar exercise will be less trouble. Then gradually increase the time.
* Lie down on the floor, wiped well at night. You will be released from the comfort of floor heating. And, if your waist or back pain will heal.
* Different types of stretching exercises, such as stretching or leg lifting arm can. It is not too much of a sweat, but it is better blood circulation and fat in various parts of the withers.
* You can practice cycling for some time of the day. On the one hand, as will be the running of the exercise bike, while the prevalence of summer, you will not touch.