Aussies win 4th ODI match with massive style

baileyAustralia finish 4th match of the series with massive victory.They lead the series by 3-1.

In the last ODI they beat up Sri Lanka by 6 wicket .Sri Lanka gave a target of 213 run.Silva take 76 run to reach 212 run.

JW Hastings take 6 wicket which help them to trap Sri Lanka into 212 run. Australia start very far by Finch’s massive knock of 55 run in 19 ball.But Pathirana take 3 wicket and tried to stop Aussies.Then GJ Bailey came to take in control. He hits biggest knock by Aussies.He finished the match with his 90 run.

The man of the match is JW Hastings who take 6 wicket to stop Sri Lanka.