Why hand numb in sleep?

Do you sleep on your arm is numb? What ever it has been noticed that all of a sudden wake up, your hands are shaking the unexpected and annoying feeling! What about the night your hand was numb, strange feeling that you wake up from your sleep? If this feature for you today.

This could be very common to go numb hand, such as when the wrong mood, sleep may be a result and obstructing blood flow. Frequently, however, these feelings may be signs of a stroke, or nerve can be caused by any problems. So you should be careful and need to be doctor. Let’s assume that causes the hand to go numb while sleeping.

1. With long fingers resting on the pressure

If you’ve been asleep for a long time, leaning on hand to awake from sleep, to get the feeling of being numb hands or will shaking. Your body weight to apply pressure on the nerves in your hands and the hands are obstructing blood flow. I sleep on the hand is compressed the artery obstructing blood flow and nutrients to tissues at hand was not reached. Consequently, the signal from the signals from the brain to the brain does not reach or did not arrive. Hence the normal flow of blood until there is a feeling of numbness.

2. Vitamin B deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency may be due to improper food intake, which is often ignored. Vitamin B deficiency often feel fatigue, pale skin, loss, increased heart rate and manifest symptoms of numbness of the hands and feet.

3. Much more work

As manual work – sewing, typing, using scissors or any other instrument for a long time, if pressure on the wrist and hand, the impact on your nerves. To fold a lot of hands in the move or straighten the wrist too much stress and pain while at rest and nerves of the rest of the time is that strong pressure was released.

4. Blockage of fluid

Extra weight caused by unhealthy eating and lack of exercise due to the swelling of hands and feet. The accumulation of fluid causes swelling of the stay. As a result, circulation is disturbing to say the feeling is shaking .

5. Rack presses on nerves

Hand over hand presses the rack greater impact on the nerves of the hand becomes numb.

6. Stroke

Statistics have shown that 1 out of every 7 strokes in stroke patients are sleeping. Obstructing blood flow to the brain when a stroke is. As a result of the tying cerebral arteries or blood vessels become blocked. Stroke symptoms are headaches, unconsciousness, could not understand the words and incompatibility. shaking your hand to make immediate medical attention if the symptoms with other feelings.

7. Carpal tunnel syndrome

When the pressure on the median nerve becomes compressed nerve. The nerves in the fingers and thumb and index finger to help get the feeling of the ball to provide some dhare. When the median nerve is numb fingers and hands can spread up to the shoulder pain and the pain.

Also, diabetes, spinal injury card, sclerosis, alcohol, etc. for a long time can be a problem due to the numbness of the hand.