Finally srabantii

Srabanti-bIn contrast to the hero of the popular film actor Shakib Khan, Dhaka, Calcutta Shrabanti popular heroine.

Before the news that came out. His performance in the film because it is not signed yet, but Shrabanti was in fact smog. It is now spent. Shrabanti has signed for the film. Eskay Movies film production company Kolkata confirmed Himanshu dhanuka karnadhara. In contrast to the mobile phone from Kolkata said sakibare Shrabanti agreement has been acting. At the end of the week, he has signed. Shrabanti has also confirmed the news of the agreement. He said, “Just last week, has been signed.”
In contrast to the popular stars of the film will debut in Dhaka, Shrabanti happy. Kolkata cell phones, he said, “the popular film actor Shakib Khan. I’ve heard his name before. Hopefully the two will work well together. “

The heroine of the film’s heroine as possible srabantike early elections were called. It is also the heroine of the Eskay Movies pasipasi the same time, it was informed. But in the end srabantii why? The Himanshu dhanuka the character of a Bengali girl in the house. Shrabanti option was no longer available. It is a good fit with his character. ”
The film is produced jointly with SK Movies Jazz Multimedia. The film is being directed to Kolkata from Bangladesh border, and the task is done.
Abdul Aziz said the owner of Jazz Multimedia, shooting will start from next March 1. With locations in Kolkata have to start shooting the film. After Bangladesh and the UK will be.