Shooting Prasenjit-Retuporna

ritu15 years later, the two bound pair. What is it? Prosenjit-Rituparna part, however, was still to come to terms. Isarai enough for them to understand each other’s eyes.
Director Nandita Roy and sibaprasada pair Mukherjee next film praktana main attraction of the hit pair of Tollywood. Subscribe understanding prasenajit-proof film as a film poster photosyutera heard the story of the two directors. Perfect poster staring at each other for two shots gave photosyute.

Not only that. Prosenjeet not like, but at the same photoshoot forcefully romantic songs Rituporna run. This is not the end, the pain was gone Prosenjeet romantic pose. As a quick reminder photoshoot set to end Prasenjit, Rituparna photosyuta want to continue a little bit further. However, all this was the season for angering prasenajitke banter!