Again Mim and sohama

mimSohamabanladesera actress Vidya Sinha and Vidya Sinha Mim mim bound pair played sohama Black film actor and Kolkata.

The film co-productions have been released a few days ago, two Bengal. The two actors were recently signed a film. Kolkata pioneer film director, will conduct. The film is not yet finalized. Kamal Mohammad Kibria told the producers of the film.
Sweety will be starring in the film, and the meme will sohama Haripad role.
The Mim said, a few days ago, has been signed for the film in Kolkata. Sohamera came with the photo sessions.
In the context of a new film starring opposite sohamera Mim said, “Black went to work in the film has been made in understanding between the two of us. Therefore, I believe that the new work will be good. Because of the new partnership is the first film went to work as a performance that was lacking a little, the next film will be overcome. Work will be better understanding. ”
When contacted, the sohamera Kolkata cell phones, he said, “the two can be taken to further the understanding of the place this year, I think.”
Mim said, the next scheduled for March 1, chose to shoot the film. Kolkata film producer Ravi kinagi.