Kylie Minogue-Joshua engagement.

holloweedAustralian star Kylie Minogue and British actor Joshua papasangita SAS has been engaged for about a year, after the recent success in love.
Last year, the television program ‘gyalabhanta in love, the two hugged me after the meeting. Wednesday at the UK ‘NME’, or New Musical Awards red carpet, 47-year-old music star Kylie Minogue seen a diamond ring to the left-hand anamikaya engagement after engagement between the two is clear to everyone the news.

New musical award ceremony was attended by Kylie dressed in a beautiful white lace. Anamikaya diamond engagement ring he reads.

“Kylie Minogue with Sassen Joshua gyalabhantakhyata age difference of 19 years. According to a source, Kylie was sealed their engagement on the issue of the day. But his fiance Joshua SAS or without glory as his future wife kailike first introduced.

SAS 8-year-old actor quite fun, “said Kyle means to me and me to enter one of the parties will not get into trouble.”

A ceremony last week to become the star couple has been seen together. SAS posted a picture on his Instagram account that the two wrote, “great one night with my girlfriend.”

Kylie Minogue’s first interview about his new love open his mouth. He spoke about the SAS, and undoubtedly an intelligent man. I try very common issue, but the light of my face of happiness flourishes. “

This is the age difference between the couple is in love has no impact ucchbasei clear. Their faces glow of happiness.