Shokh-Niloy of the brave story.

Shokh-Niloy-of-the-brave-stThe story of the marriage has not yet old. Love was in the old stories. But the new model and actor fell in love again and Hobby ventricle. In fact, the two have been married for a short time. But as a new wife still swear by the ‘Extra Love “are enjoying a hobby. In contrast to the ventricle is low. “The husband is the adara. However, as usual, is going to Tasha is feeling. If you do not play Love Where there is a fitting partnership!

A few days ago, the pair performed “close-up: the courageous story of” a new drama series. The name of the play penasile love to draw. Managed by Mahmoud Rubayet. In the context of the story, and the story written by Shakeel ahamedanatakera director, said that students studying at the university is the kind of love story, it’s just one of those stories. Love, with all the obstacles, the crisis has come to two. The rest can be seen on the screen. “

It was great to enjoy the drama of love with his wife ventricle. He said, “close-up: the story of the first act in the drama series. While acting a lot easier for us. Materiality of any type of job; Was the opposite of their own understanding, which is very important for the drama of love. “

Samkharibajara play last week were shooting in Old Dhaka, the capital of a vegetable storehouse, Uttara and a private university. The play will be aired on Valentine’s Day is coming.