Bieber won the first Grammy.

biberGrammy receiving a 1-year-old Canadian star tweeted, “bilibarsa … We did it! I love you. “He then performed the anthem. His fourth studio album, ‘Purpose’ market on November 13. Therefore, it is not considered Grammys. According to the rules, 014 from October 1 to September 30 last year, the award has been given to making the songs.

Dipalo skrileksa and electronic producers in the United States, in Los Angeles. Published last year, “Jack skrileksa and dipalo present conducting Grammys for Best Dance / Electronic Album awards they have won. Dipalora pentaja real name Thomas. Grammy thanked the authorities.

In addition, for the first time Bieber Grammy-winning British singer Ed vein. Best pop solo performance and Best Song of the Year Award for his singing, thinking out loud. ” After receiving the award for best pop solo performance, she said, “I’ll tell you what it was. But I do not know! “

Stepalasa Center in Los Angeles on February 15, was held at the 58th edition of the Grammy Awards. The three-hour event is more than 80 awards in the category.