Mom says about widow character.

momMultimedia various roles as an actress Zakia Bari Momo National Film Award-winning actress. He has played a different role in the continuation of that.

The name ‘eye’. This character is a widow. Mom was the first of this kind in the role. Saif liked each other the eye. But no one could ever say that he was feeling better.

Do not say that marriage is the eye elsewhere. Saif eye and split. But after two years of marriage, her husband died eye. Saif wants to come back to eye. But what he really go back instead of turning to the eye? Mizanur Rahman, has built such a question about the Valentine’s Day is a special drama ‘Love You’.
Construction According to the sources, after the wedding, my extraordinary has played the role of a widow eye.
In the context of the play my role in the eye a lot of character depth. A little more than the other things I was extemporaneous. She worked as the first time. After a long time a role of extraordinary’ve done a good story. I am very satisfied with the job myself. I hope you will like darsakerao. Mom said, coming Valentine’s Day drama will be aired on a satellite channel.
It is a wonderful and beats his mother. Meanwhile, Zakia Bari Momo after the break has started working on a new drama series. The name of the second menstruation. It has been built and is being produced Mahfuz Ahmed Ahmed morning. The mom is played in cinemas as well as theater. He has acted in films taukira’s “Cinnamon Island, Rafiqul Alam Rakib ‘I love you’ and directed Shihab Shahin ‘touches the heart.” The film won the National Film Award for Mom.