Mosharraf Karim new drama.

mosharofOne of the student leaders and its consequences with students the story of Telefilm.Rana comes from rural areas. Admission to the university. And so the village became Sohail Sohail has shown how rock ‘Rock’, the name of this telefilm.

This can be seen in the role of rock star Sohail Mosharraf Karim. Who is a capabaja. Pressing the power of this great kingdom of campus. At the same time, due to his fear of not less campus. This story is about. Mosharraf Karim telefilm co-star Anika Kabir hobby. In addition, the other starring Khairul Alam, Shahidullah green, Mahbub Rahman, among others.

‘Rock’ Telefilm has written and directed by Rakib up Maidul. At month 14, 15, 16 have been shooting on the old Jagannath University, a private university and a shooting at Uttara.

Director of Telefilm and said, “This is my first build. I have tried to do a lot of care. How do I judge the audience. She soon will be aired on a private channel ‘Rock’.