Three generations ,three actresses of the same drama.

threeDilara Zaman, Aruna Biswas, Nazia Haque arsa. They are three well-known actress media. Three generations of men. They acted in three films. They’ve been acting that way. Their performance is still stuck at the screen, eyes. Such events are usually less that three generations of a one-hour drama actress has played three tukhora. Even play any particular day. But this time it happened. February 1 next year to mark the International Day matatrbhasa created a language they did not play together. The name of the play: “Silence warrior.
The play has been directed by the author and screenplay writing prowess of the sun shining bright sun and Hasan Sikder jointly valor. The play has played more ramija Raju, Mrinal Dutta, M. and Mahbubur, Jahangir friend, Arnab Ray, and a special role in the language movement trna said. Jasim Uddin Ahmed. In the last 17, 18 and 19 January in the capital’s Uttara, kalabagan, Rabindra Sarovar, Dhanmondi Lake, bookmarked and Language Movement Research Center and Museum drsyadharana play has ended. On February 19 at 11 o’clock drama will be aired on ATN Bangla.
There will be stories, hearing the news of the death of her father came home with Afroza Sharmin children. This was also the first in the country. Not so much because of her father’s death, he served as the capital of their large house became more than was sold. Sharmin tried to Bangladesh to learn about the welfare of the Facebook revolution. Sharmin his grandfather’s mysterious life, because once sought. One day Gopa discovered a diary from the drawer. The name and address of the diary out of an old woman who was in Old Dhaka. Show her a ring. He saw the ring, that ring is a language martyrs.