Jatra beauty Badhon!

badhonSarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, the identity of the end of the novel, directed by Anjan happens outside “the good mother, the actress went stopping drama.
The jatra will be seen in the role of the heroine.

Beautiful girl’s name. He was hired to teach one. Mawla wife comes home she is pretending to be green. Anjan Aich came with him. However, someone who does not know the beautiful actress who jatra. Everyone will think genuinely wife! Later, however, will open the event.

One has already stopping. He said, “Never before have not jatra heroine. So is a new experience. To me, it is the role of the wings. “

Drsyadharana will start again on February 5 of this year in Manikganj. It is acting Jayanta Chatterjee, Sadia Islam Mou, among others. Anjan Aich screenplay and directed the series 5 episode. ETV television every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10 pm It is being aired.

Four series bonds remain the same director. These are the ‘archer’, ‘virus’,’ blue deportation “and” clouds the clouds have gathered. The sea creatures of the shore to shore that you and I ‘, Manik humanitarian “smiled the sun after the clouds’ dharabahikagulora are working. Before the start of a series of al hajenera.