The first look of villain crossbones!

Captain-America--Civil-War‘Captain America’ series, the new film “Captain America: Civil War ‘movie villains” in the face of crossbones Exactly how recently it has been revealed. A few days ago released a picture “of krasabonasa showed masked actor Frank griloke dress. Frank is the role of a dress, the stars on a ‘cross’ symbol or ‘X’ are drawn. He covered his face mask. That show-biz Ace said in a report.

“Krasabonasa ‘character is a fictional villain. Marabhela Comics comic book character published in the United States have been highlighted. The legendary creator of the character of the author and artist Mark gruyenaoyalda duyara light.

However, the comics, the story is somewhat different from the story of the film has been arranged. ‘Captain America: Civil War film has played more Scarlett Johanson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony dummy, Emily bhyanakyampa, Don sedala, Jeremy Renner bosamyana Chadwick, Paul betani, Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Holland and Paul Rudd.

United States’ Captain America: Civil War “will be released on May 6.