When Oscar-nominated 20 million gift!

ascerIt is well known Oscar winners of the award. The winner receives the amount of money being only the nominees may not know many people. Oscar nominees were received last year, equivalent to about 10 million gift. The amount of the increase has doubled. Nominees will receive a gift worth 0 million.

Several times nominated for an Oscar was the star of your choice that is. But in the end got the award can be seen by someone else. Your well, bad tarakaderao nominated for the award.

Oscar goodie bag that was given as a gift to each of the designated price is low. According to the data of last year there was a goodie bag worth more than 10 million. And this year there is an increase, it has almost doubled! What is the goodie bag? Say it is not so! Expensive cosmetic products, luxury travel coupons, expensive chocolates and perfumes, expensive drinks, luxurious restaurant coupons. Plastic surgery is not even the goodie bag of coupons.

In addition, throughout the year or throughout the year rente expensive make-up kit, a luxury car (free) will be the goodie bag.

Oscar Film Festival, as always, is to sit down every year in the United States. Date 8 September 88th edition of the film festival will be held at the Oscars. Meets asarake moving ahead in the world namidami all filmmakers, film abhinetasaha the persons concerned. The Oscar nominations have been made about the discussion across the world.

The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood’s Oscar ceremony, Chris Rock, jereda Leto, Julianne Moore, and Quincy Jones will be performed with Priyanka Chopra in India.