Emon tune Porshi new music.

porshiTune in to the popular singer sang popular music director Shawkat Ali imanera neighbor. Another popular artist Imran joined her voice to the song. Safi Safi Uddin’s ‘Missed Call’ provided the voice for the film. The capital of the song in the studio recording velocity is imanera Shaukat Ali.

The title of the song written by Kabir Bakul ‘draw just want you to love. ” ‘Missed calls’ the film that he wrote all the songs, and has coordinated Shawkat Ali Emon.

Imanera tune neighboring New Music

The film has already finished shooting. Just to have the rest of the song shooting. Bappi actor is starring in the film opposite newcomer fascination. Misha also are acting merchant, bapparaja, Tamanna tipha, Kazi Hayat, Rebecca, Sadek Bachchu and many more. Khan also sang the film’s heart.