Porshi-Arfin Rumi together again.

rumiTwo of the country’s most popular music stars neighbor and Arfin Rumi. Several songs were sung together their srotapriyatara high. Once again, give the audience a new song, this song has been a successful partnership.

The “Only You,” a duet sang songs they are entitled. The song melody-Faisal has coordinated Arfin Rumi words.

Siemabhi released within a day or two to go to Arfin Rumi, “Your name will be on the album the song. The album includes three songs Arfin Rumi total. Faisal wrote three songs rabbikina. And two of three doubles in a single song. From the “Only You,” a duet song titled neighbor gave it voice.

In this context, the words of romantic song Arfin Rumi said, “the song that was prepared for the neighbor. According to the recording said. She sang great. After a long time the music together and I have a new neighbor. I hope everyone will like. “

The neighbor said, “Only You,” the song that took me. The melody and the words are sweet music to a song, and heterogeneous. After hearing the song for the first time had been set up. Like to sing a lot of it. I believe everyone will like the song.

However, over the past few years due to a variety of music was composed neighbor Rumi. However, I think that this song will surprise the audience is new.