James comes with English lyrics

jeamsJames, the star of the popular band is coming up with new gimmicks. Internationally renowned singing voice will soon star in a film in English.

If you like the song, and soon he will demand his voice Rubaiyat Thakur said spokeswoman Robin James.

He said, “English voices for the song has to offer. If you like the song, and other conditions related to the song, the voice said. However, it is not yet finalized.

In this context, James added: “The report does not contain anything until the singing. Before singing them. “

The song in English written by Kabir Bakul, melody and music directed by Shawkat Ali Emon.

‘American Dream’ is a film to be used in the name of James singing the song in English. Work will begin on March 9 photo drsyadharanera. The film will be shot in New York in July.

The film will be directed by Poppy Jasim Uddin, Sadiq and Irene Simon. In addition, the US will be released in English, dubbed the ‘American Dream’.