Kumar Biswajit’s ‘Tor khota’

kumarThe thought of you, the way you walk, who listens to whom, nonetheless balk gave voice to the title of a new song, the popular star singer Kumar Biswajit. Suman has composed the music of the song to your welfare. Ashiq wrote the song about a friend. In the meantime, the recording of the song was finished. Coming during the whole audience can listen to the song. The song is a mixed CD album will be released under the banner zone. After recording the song in the context of Biswajit Kumar said, “The simplicity of the tune and the words such as love, as the song’s heart like fire.

A beautiful romantic song. Peace Like singing, the audience will judge the rest. “Suman Kalyan said,” Biswajit song melody of time thinking about doing it. Dada said hearing, a song that has a lot of sweets. And finally finished recording. I hope the audience heard the song bisbadara anubhutite emotions will get involved. “