Sabanura sung popguru song! (Videos

sabnurSilent silent / ring silence / talk na Indeed, many Azam Khan will remember hearing the words of the song. During the nineties can not be found in the audience heard the song. His voice sang the familiar song, the celebrated film actress sabanura evidence. That did surprise everyone!

March 5 was the birthday of film producer Shaheen Kabir solemn ceremony was held at a restaurant in the capital. And his son was presented with one of the stars of the screen, shaking sabanura. At one point, he is holding a microphone to sing this song at all impressed.

Starting actor-Amit Hasan Shakib Khan, silent, Emon, Zayed Khan, actress nipuna, Poppy, model, actress Tithi Kabir attended many tarakai birthday. The night continues to grow, increased guest arrivals. Shaheen Kabir’s film several fellow friends rushed to greet him.

Sabanura film at the time, said: “This is our movie during the Great Depression actually need very good people like Shaheen’s brother. The development of modern thought and personalities who are able to make the film. Thank you so much love and best wishes for his birthday. “

The dinner was attended by all of the songs. Guha constant singer sang his popular song, read four lines. The actor and his wife came to Emon, sahaprayojakerao brings flowers to greet him. Amit Hasan maikrophana hand picked songs.