Shahrukh Khan is impressed with fans and offer a job (video)

fanShah Rukh Khan film is released in April ‘fan’. The movie trailer was released online. An important role of the trailer, the film itself has become a star overnight replaced sibama Mumbai, India, the son of Gemini. Shah Rukh himself surprised by his work like everybody else. And so the job offer via Twitter sibamake ‘Badshah’.
‘Fan’ movie Shahrukh will be seen in the role. Aryan Khanna in the name of a character, that’s a big superstar. Praise the name of the character, that’s the biggest fans of the superstar. Sibama trailer has joined himself to the role of glory. The Internet has been a great clamor.
The Indian Express said, ‘fan’ of the trailer is the choice of the audience. The proof, nearly every day is filled with the message of Shah Rukh on Twitter and other social media accounts. Shah Rukh patiently read all the messages itself. Such a message on Twitter, his eyes are stuck. A fans’ fan film trailer made a new post. The trailer of the film is the character of sibama itself is glorious role. Shah Rukh was so impressed with the trailer to see that the Department of Visual Effect of the job offer sibamake has his own production house.