Hridoy Khan Music Model Alvin

alive“Lux-Channel i Superstar” contestant was named as the 010, Alvin Tasnuva. The service was top panerate. Did not break, but worked twice udyame.

Alvin is now one of the country’s promising actresses of the model. Modeling, acting, all the aspects of her everyday.

He recently came to discuss new models of popular music as a singer’s heart. Alvin voice filled with emotion, said: “The heart’s Susanna Tigerstar everyone watched music videos. Now I’m working on. His great love of working. “

Alvin said, adding, “I’m a fan of the song’s heart. And for the first time in the music video for his song I am working. It was great for me. Music video will be many surprises. I hope everyone will like it. “

In fact, the song, Alvin model that has made the song was directed by S. Haque illusory “more love you” for the film. Onder ‘me’. Wrote the song written by Kabir Bakul. Khan has directed the hearts of melody and music.

However, the ‘me’ song and music video audience during the first day of the next. Can be seen on various TV channels and YouTube social media.