Helen hero Indraneil

HelenKolkata is going to be starring opposite actor Indraneil Sengupta model, actress Helen PJ. Helen Jago News confirmed that the film is “love poetry”.

This co-production will be built. The film will be co-produced by multimedia and Kolkata Blue Ginger Munna Films International. The film will be directed by younger brother Mitra from Kolkata and Bangladesh who will be in charge of managing it has not been confirmed yet. It will be known within two to four days.

Helen said, “two days after the photo to go to Kolkata. It will be the first film and the film premiere of need phatosuta and shooting will start. In the meantime, all preparations have been completed, however, the initial start shooting. “

Speaking Helen said, “I have seen a lot of photos Indraneil Sengupta. He is a very talented actor. I’m thinking it’s going to work with him, as well as a fear of peeking. But I’ll work with confidence. I hope you can finish the job well. “

Meanwhile, Raju Ahmed, owner of multimedia production company Blue Ginger, “said Indraneil seasoned with conversation. He said the agreement. Moreover, in the past, he has worked for the film. That is why the film works quite interested Indraneil. The film will start very soon. “

However, “love poems” full-fledged romantic film genres, the story will be built. There will be also different twist in the story. Helen pair will receive visitors with open arms-Indraneil hoped Raju Ahmed, owner of Blue Ginger multimedia.