After five years Sajal in advertising

sajalAlmost five years after the overflowing of the most popular actors in a new ad done. Emaesapi range of stainless steel 1m rubles This ad was directed by Ashraful Alam.

Basila flyovers in the capital, FDC, Ghat, Ahsan Manzil, intellectual sahidaminarasaha district had been shooting at a 4-day advertising.

Sajal the emaesapi recently been signed as the brand ambassador of stainless steel. Until 2021 the company through the next one will be the brand ambassador.

In the context of the ad Sajal said, “I usually do not do advertising. Many consider the contract with the emaesapira. Now, there are several steel companies in the market. I say this from experience, product quality and technical aspects of the organization ahead of all the other institutions. I accepted the offer to become ambassador sacchandei this organization. It’s like you’re working. 4. 1 minute range of advertising’ve done during the day. I hope it is very good for a long time with an ad appeared in front of the audience are going to be. “

The latest wheel did an ad for washing powder overflowing. His co-star in the film as well as the full moon.

On the other hand, he has been working regularly chotapardaya a one-hour drama. The last “run-out” and he has praised the film without having to work. Is preparing to shoot a new film at the moment. Badiul Alam Khokon directed harajita titled The film will begin shooting next month. It is acting against “agnikhyata actress Mahi mahiya.