Sajal embarrassed with Facebook

sajalAbdun Nur overflowing with popular actor of the social media site Facebook has been a great embarrassment. His name was found on multiple ID. Used a fake ID’s without all of the rest of the handsome actor said formally.

Sajal for quite some time using the name of the offending post from the ID being offered. It was overflowing with some of its popularity is jalanjaliteo.

In this context, Sajal said, “I absolutely have to own a Facebook account. I try to update everything about the job. Through its contacts with friends and contacts thaki

Sajal said, `who is with my fake facebook account, request them to move out. I do not have any involvement with any of the fake ID. This is somebody with fake IDs is friendship, there is no liability.

In addition, those involved with the fake ID I am not responsible if they face any losses. “

Meanwhile, nearly five years after the emaesapi, a steel producing company has been advertised as an actor overflowing with goodwill ambassadors. Sajal will be in full swing next to the image of `harajita work. The film will be directed kiddie Badiul Alam. In contrast, there will be mahiya Mahi.